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1TakeJay - Safe Fun Summer

New Tape release by 1TakeJay, "Safe Fun Summer", was released on June 26th, 2022. This project has a total of 11 songs with no features throughout the whole project. Some of the more noticeable songs on this project are; Getting Loose, What's Her Name, and 2 Step Flow.

1TakeJay's previous body of work was, "The Morning After", it was released on February 14th, 2022. This album included a total of 16 songs, 3 feature which were Blueface, Spank Nitti James, and Rob Vicious. Some of the more noticeable songs on this album are: The Pay Back, They Tried Me Huh ?, Her Bad (feat. Blueface), Close Friends, and Black Men Faithful.

This project was released under 1TakeJay Inc.



  1. Getting Loose

  2. My Thang

  3. What's Her Name

  4. Roll Up Boyz

  5. He Labeled a Bum

  6. Made Her a Believer

  7. Right Now

  8. 2 Step Flow

  9. 2018 Flow

  10. Solo at Fox Hills

  11. Shaq Foot


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