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Cloud 9ine KO New Album Release - 8:17

[Los Angeles, California] After the death of his father, Cloud 9ine KO returns with an exclusive new album titled “8:17”. “8:17” is a heartfelt, all new 10 song project; written and produced by Cloud 9ine KO. It was written and dedicated in honor of his late father Kenneth “Ken Dog” Lewis; who passed away at 8:17pm on September 12th, 2021. 8:17 is an intense, emotional journey of a man coming to grips with one of the hardest experiences one would have to overcome… Losing a parent. The raw feeling, and emotion in every track showcases his vulnerability and pure talent. It resonates with all who can relate to losing someone they loved.

Track List

  1. Kene’s Son (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  2. Stuck In My Ways (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  3. Sahara Blues (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  4. Miles Away (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  5. Problems (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  6. Precious World [Feat. CasperThe Dot] (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  7. Can-Am (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  8. Whats It All For [Feat. CasperThe Dot] (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  9. Cold Sholder Interlude [Feat. CasperTheDot] (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

  10. Reflection (Produced By Cloud 9ine KO)

Executive Produced By Cloud 9ine KO

No Tomorrow Entertainment


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