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Compton Av - NET 30

New Album by Compton Av, "Net 30", released on May 20, 2022. Some features on this album consist of; Snoop Dogg, Ot Genasis, Yhung T.O. and more. Net 30 is a follow up album after, “All In”, which released on February 12, 2021. Some tracks on that album consist of; Ticc Tocc, Jealousy, Slid'N, Birthday, Hussle & Boog, and Outside Thuggin.

The 10 Tracks in Net 30 fit well together, starts off with the "Intro" where Compton Av starts with a great cadence talking about how he is a business man, serious about his paper, and someone not to be played with.

Staying Independent and building his own record Label/Empire, Compton Av has the proof he is a business man and believes in himself, as well as creating the relationships and networking within the music industry to continue being the great Artist that he is.

Cook Gods/Rich Off Rap is the Label.



1. Net 30 (Intro)

2. I Did it (Winnin)

3. Tear it Up

4. Shhhhh


6. Secret

7. Thug Nigga

8. Fucc The Opps (Interlude)

9. Jumping

10. Slid'N


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