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Dean Caine - Prisoner Of War

Updated: Jul 7

New EP by Dean Caine, "Prisoner Of War", was released on July the 4th, 2022. This EP includes a total of 6 songs which were Mixed and Mastered by Ra.

For Dean Caine this EP can be used as a analogy, himself feeling like a Prisoner Of War as he goes through his own struggles, as well as trials and tribulations. As he said, “a lot of mental battles with self ^(doubt) and the process of over coming them, hint the name "Prisoner Of War". And I wanted to tryout a couple new styles I’ve developed”.

Dean Caine's previous body of work was, "SINNERMAN", which released on September 11, 2021. This project includes 10 songs, 1 feature by ShoLuv, and is a total length of 13 min and 40 seconds. Some of the more noticeable songs on this tape consist of; Armpitz, Damn (Prod by. Swayyonthebeat), and Last Ronin.

The artwork was done by Dean Caine himself, his previous releases have a similar texture to the cover art.

EP "Prisoner Of War" was released under Winorlose Records.



  1. Battle for Wessex

  2. The Boneless

  3. Comma (Prod by. SWEET)

  4. Skeeter (Prod by. 6lpha)

  5. Groundzero

  6. Northstar


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