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Jian J - Handouts (Deluxe)

The release date for the deluxe version of, “Handouts” was on February 27, 2022. Jian J’s new installment to Handouts includes 5 New songs to the album. The original release only included 7 songs some were, Win or Lose, Overhead, and Papers which Jian J showcases some of his singing abilities. Which was released on January 16, 2021.

The deluxe edition to Handouts came out over a year later after the original version. But included in the deluxe edition are a couple new songs. Consisting of; What It Is, On Me, Bitter Sweet (feat. Melo Meezy), Focus (feat. Aye Mitch), and Sundance Outro (feat. ChurchBoyClipz).

This Album was released by Winorlose Records/ The County Creative Era



1. Win or Lose

2. Handouts (feat. Wavy Maniaco)

3. Overhead

4. Understood

5. Minute

6. Papers

7. Look Back Never

8. What It Is

9. On Me

10. Bitter Sweet (feat. Melo Meezy)

11. Focus (feat. Aye Mitch)

12. Sundance Outro (feat. ChurchBoyClipz)


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