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Jubie Nash- U$

The release date for this single is on the 14th of February, 2022. Some previous work from Jubie Nash consist of appearing on other artists songs and his last Album called, "P.L.B Tape", which was released on the 5th of May, 2020.

Jubie created this song to express his inner thoughts and to elaborate his emotions. “The battle wit me and ppl, my felinas for my girl, and my thoughts on life in general. I’m on a different vibe since this break I wanna really work on my artistry and grow musically, and I can only doing that by being authentic and coming clean on who I am“, Jubie says expressing how he feels towards music.

This song was recorded in Kanobby’s studio in LA. The vibe for this song was created through having close homies in the studio, 8 deep full of good weed, vibes, and energy. An environment with real authentic and only have the realest ones around me to bring that vibe out of me.

Throughout creating this song it have Jubie, “I GOT THIS feeling and “U$” was created”.


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