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New Album release by P-Lo called, "STUNNA", released on September 2, 2022. This body of work has a total of 13 songs, 8 feature suchas as E-40, Too $hort and more, and has a run time of 35 minutes.

The featured artist on this album are; E-40, Too $hort, Larry June, Michael Sneed, Lucky, Kamaiyah, ALLBLACK, 22nd Jim, and LaRussell. Some of the more noticeable songs on this album are; Stunna Anthem, Good (feat. Larry June), and The Roof (feat. Too $hort and Michael Sneed).

This album was released under Everywhere Like Air / EMPIRE.



  1. The Definition

  2. Stunna Anthem

  3. Lightswitch

  4. Good (feat. Larry June)

  5. Viral (feat. Michael Sneed)

  6. The Roof (feat. Too $hort & Michael Sneed)

  7. Mental Health (feat. Lucky)

  8. My Bitch (feat. Kamaiyah)

  9. Goes Well (feat. Michael Sneed)

  10. 22nd Ways Interlude (feat. ALLBLACK & 22nd Jim)

  11. One Thing

  12. Again

  13. My Ghetto Report Card Freestyle


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