Pretty Pape$ & Mutt- All Game

New Single by, "Pretty Pape$", called All Game showcases his lyrical skills as well as Mutt's skills. This single was released midnight 26th of January, 2022. This song was released under "Oh That's Filthy".

A more known single by Pretty Pape$ is a song called, "BOOMIN", it is currently at 40 Million views on TikTok. The release date for the songs music video 28th of October, 2019. Another addition to Pretty Pape$ discography is his EP called, "Everything Sounds Better On Paper" which showcases the work of; Gabe the Producer, Cozy Eddie, Nobrakes Mixx, and more!

Written by; Amilcar Cabral Welton, Chason Jarrett, Paul Michael Aldanese, Steven Joshua Contreras

Produced by Mixx

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