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Ralfy the Plug - iHeartRalfy (Deluxe)

Ralfy the Plug continuing his consistent releases, for this month (July) he released, “iHeartRalfy (Deluxe)”, on July 16, 2022. The deluxe version has a total amount of 17 songs, 7 features, and a length of 1 hour. The artist featured on the deluxe edition consists of; Sean Kingston, 24Hrs, NoCap, Drakeo the Ruler, Lil Keed, Damon Elbert, and Ketchy the Great.

The original album release had a total of 10 songs, 8 features, and length of 32 minutes. All of the featured artist on the deluxe edition were on the original release as well as Bobby Raps. The release date for the original was on March 4th, 2022.

Some of the more noticeable on the original album release were; Honesty (feat, NoCap), Narcissist (feat. Drakeo the Ruler), and Not Myself (feat. Ketchy the Great).

This album was released under Stinc Team.



  1. Felonies

  2. Mob Ties (feat. Sean Kingston)

  3. Cold Turkey

  4. White Owl

  5. What You Do To Me

  6. Out of Love

  7. These Streets Don't Love Nobody

  8. Ride My Wave

  9. Money (feat. 24Hrs)

  10. Honesty (feat. NoCap)

  11. Narcissist (feat. Drakeo the Ruler)

  12. Pain On Me (feat. Sean Kingston & Lil Keed)

  13. Shot Of That Whiskey

  14. Only Reason (feat. Damon Elbert)

  15. Not Myself (feat. Ketchy the Great)

  16. Look At You

  17. Video Game (feat. Sean Kingston)


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