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Ralfy The Plug - Pastor Ralfy 2

Updated: Jan 22

This second installment by Ralfy The Plug called, “Pastor Ralfy 2”, includes a total of 22 Tracks. Released on January 21st, 2022. The original Pastor Ralfy was released on October 30th, 2021. Which included a total of 15 tracks.

Throughout the whole Album there are many features but for one song called, “Who Car We Using”, the featured artist is no one else but the great Drakeo The Ruler. Other features consist of Peezy, Db Boutabag, ZayBang and more!

Some producers include well known names such as Smoov , Yori, Iiinfinite, and more!



The Truth Hurts

Fight the Force (feat. Peezy)

Kudos (feat. Cash Kidd)

Uncomfortable (feat. Db Boutabag)

Break Bread

Sarah Lee (feat. Bla$ta)

Bruce Lee Kick


Hogging the Beats (feat. Slo-Be)


Who Car We Using (feat. Drakeo The Ruler)

Bald Head Jason (feat. Moneysign$ued)


Wanna Be Down

Hate Us Or Love Us (feat. Zaybang)


Being Me

Be Me

Perpetrator (feat. K8Doo)

304 (feat. Fat Wizza)

Keep Up

Paw Patrol

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