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Ralfy the Plug - Skateboard P

Ralfy the Plug released SkateBoard P on April the 2nd, 2022. Continuing his consistent project releases Ralfy the Plug has now dropped every month in this year 2022. This Album has features such as; Drakeo the Ruler, Ketchy the Great, OTM and more. Included in this album are 25 songs filled with Enerygy, Rhythm, and Bounce. Full length time from start to finish is 1 hour and 7 minutes.

This latest Album by Ralfy the Plug showcases his cadence that he’s able to spit over instrumentals. Along with being able to do this type of Hip Hop genre, Ralfy the Plug also decided to release a Pop/RnB Album. Further showing his versatility when it comes to music.

This album was released under the, ”Stinc Team”, Record Label. Originating from Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug, and Ketchy the Great. Since the unfortunate passing of Ketchy the Great (Early 2021) and Drakeo the Ruler (Late 2021), Ralfy the Plug has since then signed some producers and artist to “Stinc Team”. Some signees consist of; “OTM” Off the Muscle a music team which includes BluePesos and Duffy


Track List

  1. Anti Social

  2. Fantastic (feat. Drakeo the Ruler)

  3. Know No Better

  4. 10 Minutes (feat. Peezy)

  5. What’s His Name

  6. Money (Skateboard P)

  7. Triple Dog Dare You

  8. Fear Factor

  9. Hood Rat (feat. OTM)

  10. Waka Flocka

  11. Make Me Happy

  12. Skateboard P

  13. Warm Up

  14. Neiman

  15. No Lies

  16. Cereal Killer

  17. Perfected

  18. Stincs (feat. Ketchy the Great, SaysoTheMac, Chiefi Heavily, Cam)

  19. Add Me Up

  20. Prodigy

  21. We Invented That

  22. How’d You Know

  23. Gettin Money

  24. On My Grind (feat. Kellz)

  25. Tommy Hilfiger


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