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Ralfy the Plug - Skateboard P (Deluxe)

Ralfy the Plug has been consistently dropping new singles and albums this year of 2022. In addition to his ”Skateboard P” album which came out April the 2nd, 2022. He has also released a deluxe addition including a total of 20 songs. The released date for “Skateboard P (Deluxe) Edition is on June 18, 2022.

The featured artists are; Drakeo the Ruler, OTM, BlueBucksClan, Peezy, DaBoii, SaysoTheMac, Db.BoutaBag, Louie Ray, Money Man, GT, Baby Smoove, Cash Kidd, Conradfrmdaaves, and Baby Yungin.

New addition to the Stinc Team, OTM, have been showcased more and more often on Ralfy the Plug’s releases. Blue Pesos flow reminds me of a similar cadence, flow, and vocabulary that Drakeo the Ruler would have on some songs. Where as Duffy’s flow also reminds me of a similar vocabulary to Drakeo the Ruler‘s flow, but at the same time having his own unique way of rapping. Both are great addition to the Stinc Team and to carry on Drakeo the Ruler’s Legacy.



  1. Tyson Or Sum (feat. DaBoii)

  2. Lights Out Fatties Out (feat. SaysoTheMac)

  3. Misunderstood (feat. Db.BoutaBag)

  4. Implying That

  5. Dynamic Duo (feat. Drakeo the Ruler)

  6. Fasholy (feat. Louie Ray)

  7. McJagger (feat. OTM)

  8. Big Loaf (feat. Peezy)

  9. Marmaduke (feat. MoneyMan)

  10. New Jack City (feat. OTM)

  11. Talk of The Town

  12. Swine Flu (feat. GT)

  13. Wet Jumper (feat. Baby Smoove)

  14. Hater Opinion

  15. Ass Backwards (feat. Cash Kidd)

  16. Wake Yo Game Up (feat. BlueBucksClan)

  17. Anita Baker (feat. Conradfrmdaaves)

  18. Prolific

  19. One More Life

  20. Me and My Loaf (feat. Baby Yungin)


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