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Ralfy The Plug x OTM - Stincs Got It Off The Muscle

Updated: Sep 12

Ralfy The Plug's consistent album release continues, a collaboration album by Ralfy The Plug and Off The Muscle called, Stincs Got It Off The Muscle, released on September 9, 2022. This new album release has a total of 26 songs, 6 features (Young Bull, SaysoTheMac, and more), and has a run time of 1 hour and 31 minutes.

The features on this album consist of ; Young Bull, SaysoThe Mac, DeneroDaDoughHunter, GoodFinesse, K7TheFinesser, and Chiefin Heavily. Some of the more recognizable songs are; Better Luck Next Time (Feat. Young Bull), Thugs Shed Tears, and Dare You To Do It.

Ralfy the Plug's previous body of work was called, "iHeartRalfy", it released on July 16, 2022. This album had 17 songs, 7 features, and a total run time of 1 hour. Some songs were; Felonies, Mob Ties (feat. Sean Kingston), Honesty (feat. NoCap), Narcissist (feat. Drakeo The Ruler), and more.

This album was released under Stinc Team.



  1. Better Luck Next Time (feat. Young Bull)

  2. Dare You To Do It

  3. Crazy Ain’t It

  4. Thugs Shed Tears

  5. Eat That

  6. Rookies Of The Year

  7. Everyday A Movie

  8. Ring Camera

  9. Nothin For You

  10. Mo Money Mo Problems

  11. Play Her Role

  12. Truth On Our Side (feat. Young Bull)

  13. Main Attraction

  14. Motha Fucka

  15. Miss This (feat. SaysoTheMac)

  16. Pizza Party

  17. Detective Hardiman

  18. Knock Knock (feat. DeneroDaDoughHunter)

  19. Sick Of Us (feat. GoodFinesse)

  20. No Promo

  21. All The Time

  22. So Cold (feat. K7TheFinesser)

  23. No Reason

  24. Both Of Em (feat. Young Bull)

  25. Walkin Thru (feat. Chiefi Heavily)

  26. Talk About It


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