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Shaw Calhoune - my regards

New EP by Shaw Calhoune called, "my regards", was released on April 29, 2022. This project has a total of 5 songs, no features, and a run time of 12 minutes.

Shaw Calhoune recorded “my regards” at The Kaleidoscope. Shaw Calhoune’s new EP, "my regards", is a twelve minute carefully crafted bouquet. Fresh beat selections on this EP come from Clypto Beats, Four Limbs, 15grams, Bishop, and Working Man. Calhoune uses this music for express his emotions through this hidden language.

This EP was released under Big Eleanor Records.



  1. edelweiss

  2. amaryllis

  3. snapdragons

  4. black beauties for cecilia

  5. gladiolus sage


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