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Westside Gunn - Peace "Fly" God

Second album of the year by Westside Gunn, "Peace "Fly" God", released July 8th, 2022. This album has a total of 10 songs with no features throughout the album. Some of the more noticeable songs consist of; Jesus Crack, Big Ass Bracelet, and Derrick Boleman. The total length of the songs are 34 minutes.

Westside Gunn's previous collective body of work was, "Vial Caps". This album had a total of 10 songs, including Sean Strange and Snowgoons on some songs. Release date was on March 27, 2022. Vial Caps was released under Digital Vintage.

Peace "Fly" God was released under Griselda Records.

Artwork done by Starker x Divino

Design done by Inner Arts & Media




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