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Young Bull - Bulls Eye

New Tape by Young Bull called, “Bulls Eye”, was released on May 16th, 2022. It includes 17 songs, 5 features which consist of: Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the PLug, OTM, Road Runna Rio, and ManMan Savage. Some of the more noticeable songs are; Light Speed (feat. Ralfy the Plug), Blocc Party (feat, Drakeo the Ruler & Ralfy the Plug), and Roll Bounce (feat. OTM).

This is the second collective body of work Young Bull has released the first being, "032 vs. The Universe" which came out the year 2021. That tape included 10 songs, 9 features such as; Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug, and Petty Petty. Some of the noticeable songs on his first tape are; N****s Broke (feat. Desto Dubb), ABC7 (feat. Money Monk & Drakeo the Ruler), and No Opps (feat. Good Finesse, Ralfy the PLug, Ketchy The Great).

Some of the producers that worked on this tape include: Purplekbeats, ronrontheproducer, GoldFish, CallmeJohnnny, Viperbeats_, and al_b_smoov.

This tape was released under Stincteam Records



  1. Cooper Kupp (Free Kells)

  2. News Clips (feat. OTM)

  3. Light Speed (feat. Ralfy the Plug)

  4. Codeine Problems

  5. Where would I be?

  6. Gun Powder

  7. Roll Bounce (feat. OTM)

  8. Pocket Full of Money

  9. Blocc Party (feat. Drakeo the Ruler & Ralfy the Plug)

  10. Gang NM (feat. OTM)

  11. Nothin Basic

  12. Crash in Japan

  13. I Might (feat. Road Runna Rio)

  14. Who To Trust

  15. Been Had Uchies (feat. Ralfy the Plug)

  16. Crime Pays (feat. ManMan Savage)

  17. Letter To My Big Bro (feat. OTM)


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